CLIC linac systems

CLIC linac systems

The CLIC linac systems activity comprises work on the main linac two beam module, the drive beam injector including the drive beam rf power source and main beam injector studies. Our team build several prototype two beam modules which are tested with and without beam. The focus is on the thermo-mechanical behaviour and the alignment of such modules. Currently we develop a new generation of modules taking into account the lessons learned from the first generation and the entire life cycle of this modules in a future CLIC. Goal is it to develop a validated two beam module ready to be built.

The drive beam injector is a challenging part of CLIC because it determines the stability of the main beams. Critical hardware has been identified and prototypes are built to validate their performance. The beam dynamics of the entire injector has been studied, a high average current electron source has been built and is under test. Prototypes of sub-harmonic buncher’s and wide-band solid state amplifiers are studied. A large project within the activity is the development of a very high efficiency rf power source for the CLIC drive beam including high voltage modulators and multi-beam klystrons. Efficiencies in excess of 70% have been measured. The goal is to demonstrate critical hardware for the CLIC drive beam.

Finally the linac system activity covers as well the design of the main injector linacs including the positron production.


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