CLIC steering committee

CLIC steering committee

CSC Function

The CSC is responsible for the overall coordination of the CLIC study, accelerator and detector/physics. In general the daily running of the accelerator and detector/study are delegated to the CASC and corresponding CLICdp body, but the CSC will overview, discuss and decide upon strategic matters related to the project goals, CLIC internal policies, joint Accelerator and CLICdp matters at technical or resource level, and liaison with the ILC and LCC leadership. Collaboration and Institute matters are identified and scheduled by the CSC, usually initiated at CASC and CLICdp level.


CSC members:

- LC study leader (chair)

- CLIC Activity Leaders

- Detector & Physics Studies including 2 persons covering Physics (Theory, phenomenology)

- Collaboration Board Chairman

- ILC and LCC representatives

- RECFA contact

- CERN line management

- CLIC Collaboration Spokesperson

- CLIC Project Office (administration)


CSC meetings:

Every 6-10 weeks