CLIC technical developments

CLIC technical developments

Technical systems developments covering amongst others alignment/stabilization of quadrupoles, warm-, superconducting- and pulsed magnets.


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Recent publications and talks:


Commissioning of the prototype stripline BPM system for the CLIC Drive Beam by A. Benot-Morell et al., OPAC15

Tunable high-gradient permanent magnet quadrupoles by B.J.A. Shepherd et al., JINST, Vol. 9, 2014

Status of CLIC Magnets Studies and R&D by M. Modena et al., IPAC14

Electromagnetic and hybrid design experience for CLIC magnets R&D by M. Modena, CERN 2014

Superconducting wiggler magnets for CLIC damping rings by L.G. Fajardo, CERN 2014

Sub-micrometer transverse beam size diagnostics using optical transition radiation by K. Kruchinin et al., J. Phys. 2014

Zemax Simulations of Transition and Diffraction Radiation by T. Aumeyr et al., J. Phys. 2014