CLIC X-band technologies

CLIC X-band technologies

The objective of the X-band activity is to develop the high-gradient, high-power X-band rf system for the CLIC main linacs. The current focus is on constructing and operating 100 MV/m prototype accelerating structures and establishing a significant high-power testing capability through klystron-based test stands. Additional activities include studies of the fundamental physics of high-gradients, the use of high-gradient technology in other applications such as XFELs and medical linacs and the design of high-efficiency and high frequency klystrons.


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Recent publications and talks:


High-gradient rf testing results by W. Wuensch, LCWS14

Test stand development by I. Syratchev, LCWS14

X-band outreach – XFEL by G. D’Auria, LCWS14

Basic high-gradient studies by W. Wuensch

Advances in the Understanding of the Physical Processes of Vacuum Breakdown by W. Wuensch, CERN 2013