CLIC European Strategy

A number of documents report on the CLIC accelerator and detector and physics status in advance of the European Strategy update 2018-2020.

EU project lights up X-band technology

Advanced linear-accelerator technology developed at CERN and elsewhere will be used to develop a new generation of compact X-ray free-electron lasers (XFELs), thanks to a €3 million project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.

CLIC in CERN Courier

"An updated baseline-staging scenario for CERN’s Compact Linear Collider focuses on an optimised initial-energy stage at 380 GeV that will be significantly cheaper than the original design, say Philipp Roloff and Daniel Schulte.."

CALIFES workshop took place at CERN

It has been proposed to convert the 200 MeV S-band electron linac CALIFES, currently being part of the CTF3, into a new general stand alone electron beam facility at CERN.To establish the interest from users a three day workshop was hel

CALIFES workshop

It has been proposed to convert the 200 MeV S-band electron linac CALIFES, currently being part of the CTF3, into a new general stand alone electron beam facility at CERN. CALIFES workshop is organised&nbsp

CLIC Workshop 2016

The CLIC WORKSHOP 2016 took place at CERN on 18-22 January 2016.

CLIC/CTF3 Collaboration Board Chair election

In the recent election by members of the Collaboration Board (CB), Roger Ruber (Uppsala University) was elected as the next CLIC/CTF3 CB Chair. Roger will succeed Lenny Rivkin in this role on the occasion of the next CB meeting, January 22 2016.

CLIC Workshop 2015

The CLIC WORKSHOP 2015 took place at CERN on 27-30 January 2015, covering Accelerator as well as Detector and Physics studies, with its present status and program for the coming years.

Successfull installation of CLIC-module

The first prototype CLIC X-band module has been successfully assembled and installed in CTF3 during this summer. This big milestone was possible due to a motivated and enthusiastic collaboration between many individuals, groups and services at CERN as well as outside collaborators.

A new spokesperson for CLIC

The CLIC accelerator collaboration has elected a new spokesperson. Phil Burrows of the University of Oxford succeeds Roberto Corsini of CERN.