CTF3-Note-106 Commissioning of inductive BPMs in the TBTS probe beam line

CTF3-Note-105 Ideas about measuring short range wake fields in accelerating structures for hugh-energy and free-electron laser linear accelerators


CTF3-Note-104 Experimental Results at the CERN Photoemission Laboratory with Co-deposition Photocathodes in the Frame of the CLIC Studies

CTF3-Note-103 A Segmented Beam Dump for the CTS Line at CTF3

CTF3-Note-102 RF phase stabilization in CTF3

CTF3-Note-101 Comprehensive user manual for the phase-coding system setup and operation with PHIN including the measurements performed with the beam


CTF3-Note-100 Measurement of periodic optics in the CTF3 combiner ring

CTF3-Note-099 The Status of the Design of the PHIN Spectrometer Line Diagnostics for Time Resolved Energy Measurements and First Results from 2009


CTF3-Note-098 First Beam Kick Measurements in the PETS

CTF3-Note-097 Techniques for Estimations of Beam Energy Loss in the Two-beam Test Stand PETS, applied to the First 12 GHz PETS Tests with Beam

CTF3-Note-096 Analysis of the first 12 GHz PETS tests with beam using a constant parameter recirculation model

CTF3-Note-095 Upgrade Scenarios for the TBTS

CTF3-Note-094 Data Analysis for PETS Recirculation

CTF3-Note-093 CTF3 3 GHz RF gun test at CERN

CTF3-Note-092 An Analytical Model for PETS Recirculation